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The City Project Equal Justice, Democracy, and Livability for All

Celebrate the Civil Rights Revolution, Selma, Preserve the Disparate Impact Standard in the Supreme Court

Civil rights tools including the disparate impact standard continue to provide important safeguards for human health and life itself. See the Policy Report called Using Civil Rights Tools to Address Health Disparities by Michael Rodriguez, MD, MPH; Marc Brenman; Marianne Engelman Lado, JD; and Robert García, JD.

Fair Housing Is a...

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Equal Housing, Equal Access, and Discriminatory Impacts before the Supreme Court NRPA

Equal Housing, Equal Access
National Recreation and Park Association, Parks & Recreation Magazine 2015-05-01 Social Equity
by Robert García

At first glance, it may not seem like fair housing laws have anything to do with parks and recreation. However, we know that where people live has a direct impact on access to...

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