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The City Project Equal Justice, Democracy, and Livability for All

LA Business Council LA River Report: Environmental Justice and Community Leaders on Health, Residential Segregation, and Displacement

The Los Angeles Business Council Institute (LABC) recently released its report on the Los Angeles River, LAís Next Frontier: Capturing Opportunities for New Housing, Economic Growth, and Sustainable Development in LA River Communities.[1] The support of the business community is vital to ensure that the benefits and burdens of...

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The Supreme Court Must Preserve the Discriminatory Impact Standard: Fair Housing Is a Bedrock Civil Rights Protection

Fair housing is a bedrock civil rights protection, crucial to our nationís core values of equal opportunity, human dignity, and just democracy for all. In the face of deeply entrenched patterns of residential segregation and exclusion, Congress enacted the Fair Housing Act to provide for fair housing throughout the United States. The Act...

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