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Picturing Health: Green Access and Equity for Riverside County

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The City Project presents the policy report, Healthy Parks, Schools and Communities: Green Access and Equity for Riverside County, to promote equal access to parks and recreation, physical education, healthy communities and economic justice for all. Síga este enlace para ver este mensaje en Español.

According to Anthony Iton, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., Senior Vice President, Healthy Communities, The California Endowment:

The California Endowment funded a study in late 2010 that shows nearly all segments of the voting population view childhood obesity as a very serious problem in the state, with African-Americans, Latinos and low-income voters particularly concerned.

Of those surveyed, 89% support requiring physical education classes for four years in high school. A similar percentage (88%) favors requiring school gyms, tracks, playgrounds and fields to be open to children when school is not in session. And 87% back the idea of cities making street improvements so that it is easier to bike, ride and walk. These are all recommendations supported in this report by The City Project, funded in part by the Endowment.

This report includes images from “Picturing Health,” a photo documentary project of Venice Arts sponsored by the Endowment that explores health issues as seen through the eyes of teens in diverse Southern and Central California communities, including the Coachella Valley in Riverside County.

Whether you are a parent, concerned citizen, educator, elected official or activist, we hope this report will be useful in your efforts to make your community a healthy environment.

Click here to see the report and maps on Healthy Parks, Schools and Communities: Green Access and Equity for Riverside County in English.

Síga este enlace para ver el reporte y mapas de Parques, Escuelas y Comunidades Saludables: Acceso Verde y Equidad en el Condado de Riverside en Español.

Click here to view other reports and maps in The City Project’s continuing series on Green Access and Equity for nine counties in Southern California.

Photo credit: Coachella Valley | Untitled, courtesy of Celeste Lopez (age 13) and Venice Arts.