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Altadena Trails La Vina Owen Brown Gravesite

Paul Ayers ayerspaul [at] writes: Hello Save the Altadena Trails (STAT) Supporters –

As you may recall, on April 22, 2008, the Honorable Joseph F. De Vanon ruled in the case of the County of Los Angeles v. La Vina Homeowners Association (HOA). In short, Judge De Vanon rejected each and every one of the HOA’s defenses to the County’s position that the trails were promised to the people in the development process and concluded that the promises must be fulfilled.

The Court has ordered the HOA to dedicate trail easements in the locations indicated in the development documents; the County will be responsible for construction and maintenance of the trails. In addition, the County was awarded $40,000 to cover costs and $783,000 in fees.

In December the La Vina HOA filed paperwork to appeal this decision. Whether they actually follow through with the appeal is yet to be seen. The appeal process will be expensive, and it appears there are many in the La Vina community who may not be willing to spend the money on a risky appeal. It is possible that both sides will agree to further mediation in attempt to avoid the appeal process.

STAT’s case against La Vina has yet again been postponed pending the outcome the La Vina appeal of the LA County case. We will keep you updated when we have more information.

In November 2005 the Honorable C. Edward Simpson of Pasadena, in the case of Save the Altadena Trails, et al. v. Michael Cichy, found for plaintiffs, thereby re-establishing the public’s right to travel over that portion of the historic El Prieto Fire Road that runs across defendant’s property, and to visit the Owen Brown Grave Site which is located within his land. Judge Simpson stated from the bench “it is clear that there is a long-standing historic interest on the part of the public in the road and in the grave site and that there has been continuous public access to these locations since the 19th century.”

Please forward this to anyone who is concerned about local trail access and would like to remain informed. If someone forwarded this email to you, please email STAT directly to be added to our list

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Burro party circa 1890. Photograph taken at approximately what is now the corner of Canyon Crest and Rising Hill Roads in the Meadows. Little Round Top is visible in the middle background.

178 Las Casitas View — All Aboard for Brown’s Peak