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Summit on National Parks Jan. 24-26, 2012 Taking Action for a New Century

Agenda January 25, 2012, 3:30 to 5:00

The Next Generation of America’s Parks: New Models and Opportunities (download summary) (additional resources)

Our National Park System is dynamic, it evolves as America evolves. It celebrates our past with places like the Lincoln Memorial, Statute of Liberty, and Independence Hall. It preserves our amazing natural wonders like geysers at Yellowstone and the windswept Grand Canyon and our precious cultural sites at Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon. It commemorates American lives lost in service to our country at places such as USS Arizona, Gettysburg, and Wilderness Battlefield. It preserves our recent history at places like Flight 93 memorial.The National Parks Second Century Commission and the National Parks Advisory Board recommended expanding the National Park System to incorporate a more complete picture of America that evokes our diversity and addresses the need for more open space in an increasingly developed country. This session will focus on looking into the future to ensure the National Park System represents all Americans and addresses our concerns about preserving our ecology and culture.

  • Facilitator: Denis Galvin, Retired NPS Deputy Director
  • Panelist: Robert Garcia, Executive Director, The City Project
  • Panelist: Barb Pahl, Regional Director of the Mountains/Plains Office, National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Panelist: Mike Scott, Distinguished Professor Emeritus for the department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, University of Idaho