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San Gabriel River Bike Trail — and National Recreation Area!

Click here to see the San Gabriel River Bike Trail slide show and photo gallery by The City Project.

The San Gabriel River Trail runs about 40 miles from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean at Seal Beach.  This Class I Trail is a best practice example for urban bike trails across the nation.

San Gabriel River Trail 2012

The San Gabriel River Trail begins at El Encanto Park in the San Gabriel Mountains

The San Gabriel River and Trail end at the Pacific Ocean in Seal Beach

The San Gabriel River and Trail run though diverse cities, communities, parks and schools from the mountains to the sea, including Azusa, the Santa Fe Dam recreation area, Baldwin Park, El Monte, Ferndando R. Ledesma High School, Pico River, Wilderness Park in Downey, Bellflower, Liberty Park, Lakewood, El Dorado Regional Park, Rossmoor and Seal Beach.

Diverse allies are working for a national recreation area that includes the San Gabriel River through the San Gabriel Mountains Forever campaign. President Barack Obama has selected trail improvements along the San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers as one of the top 101 outdoor priorities across the nations, only two per state, through the America’s Great Outdoors initiative.

The AGO report includes little information about the San Gabriel River.  Click here for more information about green access and equal justice along the San Gabriel River.  The Olmsted Plan proposed greening the San Gabriel River in 1930.

The AGO initiative and the San Gabriel Mountains Forever campaign offer the opportunity to achieve clean water justice along the San Gabriel River.