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Occupy Detroit 37.6% Poverty — Where’s the rest of the 99%?

“Detroit has the highest poverty rate of any big city in America, according to data provided by Andrew A. Beveridge, a demographer at Queens College. Among the more than 70 cities with populations over 250,000, Detroit’s poverty rate topped the list at a whopping 37.6 percent, more than twice the national poverty rate. And according to the Census Bureau, median household income in Detroit from 2006-10 was just $28,357, which was only 55 percent of the overall U.S. median household income over that time. . . .This is a city that last year announced plans to close half its public schools and send layoff notices to every teacher in the system.”

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Who is the 1%? the .1? the 99%? And why does 1% v 99% matter anyway?