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Diverse Allies Support Proposed Bill to Promote Equal Access to the LA River

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The City Project and diverse allies have submitted a letter to the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water in support of Senate Bill 1201, which promotes open and equitable public access to the Los Angeles River for recreation and education. The bill is being heard in Committee today.

We support the bill’s proposal to allow public access and recreational and educational uses of the river, as well as its underlying, explicit acknowledgment that the public trust doctrine applies to the river as a navigable water. We also support the bill’s recognition that governing authorities and the proposed Los Angeles River Interagency Access Council must address environmental justice concerns regarding access to the Los Angeles River. The bill reflects the basic principle of equal access to public resources, for which The City Project has long fought along the river.

The City Project

Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles

Mia Lehrer + Associates

Click here for the April 9th letter.