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L.A. Times Major Revisions Proposed for Cultural Heritage Ordinance

A proposed overhaul of the city’s historic preservation ordinance would grant the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission the authority to bar demolition of designated monuments, a power it now lacks.

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“Most people have the impression that if a building is designated as a monument then it’s protected,” said Ken Bernstein, director of the city Planning Department’s Office of Historic Resources. “In fact, in Los Angeles almost the opposite is true.”

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Among other proposed changes:

* The new ordinance would require that property owners be notified as soon as a building is nominated for monument status so that they could participate in all public hearings. Under the current ordinance, owners are not formally notified of nomination and often feel blindsided when they find out through the grapevine. “We are trying to improve due process for property owners,” Bernstein said.

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Out of 950 official monuments in the City of Los Angeles, only about 10% relate to women, people of color, Native Americans or workers.  Learn more about the proposed ordinance revision to have monuments reflect diversity, democracy and freedom.