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“We knew we had to meet the standards that came out of Baldwin Hills” L.A. Times Regulating Urban Oil Fields

As rising crude prices make old fields now surrounded by homes economically viable again, oil companies are making many concessions with local officials to revive them. . . .

The mitigation agreements have intensified not just because of the proximity of neighbors but also because of a legal settlement two years ago by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Lawsuits had been filed by several community advocates and environmentalists who argued, among other things, that the county failed to produce an adequate environmental impact report before allowing Plains Exploration & Production Co. of Houston to drill on land near Baldwin Hills.

The settlement established limits on the numbers of wells, where they can be drilled and noise levels. The pact set landscaping rules, required periodic health assessments of nearby residents and increased the amount of air-quality monitoring.

“We knew we had to meet the standards that came out of Baldwin Hills,” McCaskey said.

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For the facts about the Baldwin Hills settlement, which the oil company agreed provides a satisfactory framework for safeguarding community health, safety and security, please visit