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Humboldt River Ed P. Reyes Greenway Clean Water & Parks Justice

The Humboldt River Ed P. Reyes Greenway is a multibenefit park and clean water justice project to enhance Los Angeles River water quality by removing pollutants (oil, bacteria, trash) from dry-weather urban runoff, while providing natural habitat and much-needed community recreational opportunities along the urban watershed in Lincoln Heights. The project involves daylighting an existing storm drain system, constructing a stormwater greenway with a “stream” ecosystem through a corridor on Humboldt Street, and creating a pedestrian path connecting Avenue 18 and Avenue 19.
The Greenway is part of the Clean Water Justice settlement to eliminate sewer spills and odors in the Baldwin Hills, South Central Los Angeles, Highland Park and Glassell Park areas, and improve water quality, the sewer system, and environmental justice city wide. The settlement has also provided funding for the South Central Los Angeles Wetlands Park, North Atwater Park, and Garvanza Park Stormwater BMP Project as part of the greening the Los Angeles River for all.
Photo courtesy KCET