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Prop 30 people vote to tax themselves for children’s education. The struggle never ends.

The people of California voted to tax themselves to fund public education by passing Proposition 30 on November 6, 2012.  That is great news.

But Prop 30 only prevents $6 billion in further cuts to a public education system that is destitute. Quality education, including physical education, for all requires proper funding to place public school students to the top of the class.

California remains second in the nation behind Alabama in funding cuts per public school student in the past five years. The Los Angeles Unified School District alone faces another $111 million in cuts, the largest cuts to any non-federal agency, if the president and Congress throw the nation off the fiscal cliff through the “sequester,” the automatic spending cuts that will go into effect in January 2013 absent new agreements.

The people must ensure that the state increases funding for public education.

The people must ensure that the president and Congress:

  • Prevent the sequester
  • Require the wealthiest and corporations to pay their fair share, starting with ending tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%
  • Create jobs and grow the economy
  • Prevent cuts to the safety net and vital services for low income people
  • Prevent cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, or shifting costs to beneficiaries or the states

The struggle never ends.