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Free at last! Alex Sanchez is free at last!

City Project Board Member Tom Hayden has courageously led the successful struggle to free Alex Sanchez.

Letter from Alex Sanchez:

On behalf of my family, community and close friends I extend the gratitude to all the people who have stood next to me and believed from the beginning that this case was a distraction from the work that has been the focus of Homies Unidos. I want to thank the We Are Alex campaign who created chapters in San Francisco New York, Los Angeles and the DC area, with out you speaking out and outraged by my arrest I would not have been able to have fought my case while on bail. Special thanks to all that trusted in me enough to put their homes and sureties that totaled the $2,000,000 bail. And to all that send  letters of support and wrote to me while I was in prison  for those seven months. I will treasure those moments eternally.

We have not stopped the work, which is greatly needed in our community, but our funding has suffered since my indictment. We expect that we will get more support for the programs which have been reduced significantly since the dismissal of the indictment.

I will look back at this day and will be forever grateful of all who stood firmly next to me in this extremely difficult time and provided support to my family when they most needed it. I have taken my work seriously and with integrity and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

Judge Dale Fischer dismissed all charges without prejudice which gives the government until late March to refill charges. We expect the Government to do the right thing and not refill as they did on December 18 by recommending the dismissal of all charges after reviewing what the initial prosecutors had done to get the indictment.

We will rebuild Homies Unidos!!!!!!!

Alex Sanchez