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Culture Thrives in a Former Madrid Slaughterhouse

Parque Madrid Río 2012

Matadero Madrid in Madrid Rio. Photo courtesy Nic García. Fotografía cortesía de Nic García.

The center of life in Madrid has long focused on the grand boulevards of Salamanca, the winding historic streets around Plaza Mayor and the cool alleyways of Malasaña, Chueca and La Latína. But city planners have in recent years nudged Madrileños and tourists toward the outer barrios of the city through Madrid Rio, an ambitious project that moved the unsightly highway that rings the city underground and replaced it with a ribbon of parkland alongside the all but forgotten city river.

As they have done so, they have introduced tourists to the new attractions at Matadero Madrid, a sprawling former slaughterhouse that, six years ago, began morphing into a music, art, design and film center. In August, Madrid Rio’s rehabilitation extended the park’s pedestrian pathways to Matadero, an evolving complex where spaces continue to open steadily.

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Read about Parque Madrid Río at Parque Madrid Río sets the standard for how to transform a city and a river. Other cities must sit up and take note.

Síga este enlace para ver este reporte sobre Parque Madrid Río en Español. Parque Madrid Río ha establecido el estándar sobre cómo transformar una ciudad y un río. Otras ciudades deben prestar atención y tomar nota.