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Please Vote – Help The City Project win $100,000 in LA2050 challenge so L.A. can discover its forgotten history!

If you haven’t voted yet, please VOTE NOW to help The City Project win $100,000 in the LA2050 challenge so Angelenos can discover L.A.’s forgotten landmarks!

With your vote, The City Project will be one step closer to creating an interactive online guide and user-friendly smartphone app that maps city, state, and national cultural and historic landmarks in Los Angeles County with photos and content about each site’s history and cultural relevance.

By increasing awareness of all landmarks, our project will reinvigorate the county’s history and culture, in which people of color, women, and Native Americans played a crucial role. Local residents will gain a deeper appreciation of their neighborhoods, and visitors will be able to see Los Angeles beyond its famous tourist attractions.

Please VOTE NOW for a more inclusive, multicultural Los Angeles that celebrates its diverse past, present, and future. Voting ends Wednesday, April 17 at 12:00 PM PDT.

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Read about Green Justice Monuments: Diversity, Democracy and Freedom by The City Project’s Robert García at KCET Departures.