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KCET National Park Service Proposes Expansion Into San Gabriel Valley

Tens of thousands of acres in and around the San Gabriel Valley are proposed to become part of the National Park Service, according to a plan put forth to Congress last week. It’s the featured recommendation in a 10-year study of the San Gabriel watershed and mountains to identify if any part of the area warrants inclusion within the system.

Under the proposal, a 50,000-acre National Recreation Area would border foothill areas of the San Gabriel Mountains, down the Rio Hondo and upper San Gabriel rivers, and over the western areas of the Puente Hills. . . . 

The plan also calls for the National Park Service to help nearby communities — by creating and connecting parks to the unit — and for the abutting Angeles National Forest to receive “additional recognition, tools, and support… to steward watershed resources and ecosystems and improve recreational opportunities.” . . . [T]his could mean better funding for environmental and recreational improvements and gives the [Angeles National Forest the] ability to partner with nonprofits and accept donations from philanthropic organizations.

. . . “The proposed expansion,” wrote The City Project’s Robert Garcia in his KCET column Green Justice, “would go a long way to ensure access to green space and better health for park poor, income poor communities.”

Read the rest of the article National Park Service Proposes Expansion Into San Gabriel Valley by Zach Behrens at KCET.

San Gabriel River Trail 2012

San Gabriel River Trail