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What Guilt Does the U.S. Bear in Guatemala NY Times City Project Comment

Robert Garcia writes:

US enjoys impunity for violating international law repeatedly in Guatemala: US overthrew the democratically elected government in 1954, according to CIA. US for decades was complicit in and sponsored genocide, wiping out entire populations of Maya Ixtil; killing, disappearing, or torturing 200,000 people; and systematic rape and sexual violence until peace accords in 1996, according to UN. US intentionally infected Guatemalan people with sexually transmitted diseases without their informed consent beginning in the 1940s in Nazi style experiments condemned at Nuremberg, and left victims untreated and uncompensated to the present day. Waller accepts the premise that US is guilty of crimes against humanity, but argues that US should not be held responsible because “a lot of bad guys had to go free.” The reason US bad guys are free is that the victors write the history. Justice based on deterrence, retribution, and compensation demands US be held accountable.

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Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchu and Robert Garcia, Anahuak Youth Sports Association Tournament of Peace and Hope