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Field Poll People Want Schools to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity — Here’s How

Ninety percent of Americans said schools should take a role in combating obesity — a surprising cut away from the idea that being overweight is a personal choice.

That doesn’t meant people don’t see that they need to take action as well for themselves and their families, according to the results of a Field Research poll released Wednesday.

“It really indicates a sea change in how people view the problem,” Loel Solomon, vice president for community health at Kaiser Permanente, said in an interview. “People are ready to act for themselves, their families and their loved ones, but they know they can’t do it alone.” . . .

Solomon also said the survey showed “pretty broad consensus on strategies” such as physical exercise, safe walking routes to schools and fresh drinking water at schools.

More than 60% said the schools should take a leading role in fighting obesity, and 78% of parents in the nationwide poll think healthier school food will improve academic performance.

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