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Settle La Vina access issue

Pasadena Star News


We have been in support of Los Angeles County versus the La Vina Homeowners Association. We believe the association should live up to an original agreement allowing public access to Millard Canyon and hiking trails across 108 acres of open space owned by the development.

The case will now go to trial. We’re hoping for a good resolution in court. Trails are an important part of the quality of life in our region. Our hills, canyons and forests offer quiet respite in a concrete world of harried activity. Likely that’s exactly the reason La Vina residents were drawn to the Altadena community.

We regret La Vina homeowners would not settle and the county had to sue. We also sympathize with residents’ arguments that deeds never mentioned a prior agreement between the developer and the county to allow the trails. No one should have to find out such information after the fact. Yet, we believe the homeowners should have allowed the trails to go forward.

The situation is akin to those who live on the beach, public property, who want to fence it off from that very public owner. That’s just not right.

No, trails shouldn’t meander through back yards. That wouldn’t be fair to homeowners, and from what we’ve gleaned, they won’t. Trails will be largely out of view.

If anything, La Vina residents should think of the trails much in the same way as streets and alleyways.

We hope for a good outcome Dec. 20 at a status conference, or better still, before that. Seems to us a speedy resolution would be best for hikers and homeowners alike.