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EPA Should Protect Communities Overburdened by Pollution


Too many communities of color and lower income communities are exposed to a disproportionate share of pollution and the resulting health risks and impacts. 

A diverse coalition, including The City Project, submitted comments urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to update its risk assessment approach to account for cumulative impacts, as well as increased vulnerability from socioeconomic stressors. We ask EPA to do the following:

1. Incorporate the real-world experience and perspective of people who live in communities that are overburdened by pollution and other environmental hazards.

2. Advance environmental justice and protect public health by establishing guidance that provides a means to reduce cumulative impacts in overburdened communities.

Click here to submit a comment to EPA and for more information.

Click here to read the coalition’s public comments to EPA and for the full list of signatories.