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Diverse Allies Voice Support for San Gabriel National Recreation Area at Congresswoman Judy Chu Forum


Hundreds of people made their voices heard at a public forum hosted by Congresswoman Judy Chu on September 7, 2013, to discuss legislation to designate a national recreation area in the San Gabriel Mountains and Watershed. Congresswoman Chu emphasized public health and environmental justice as two of the main reasons why the region needs a national recreation area in the San Gabriels, as stated on her website.

A diverse and growing alliance of committed advocates for equal justice, public health, and green space, working with the San Gabriel Mountains Forever campaign and others, submitted public comments in support of fully-funded balanced, comprehensive legislation to designate a National Recreation Area, wilderness, and wild and scenic rivers with access for all. We continue to work with the Congresswoman to ensure the planned legislation analyzes green access, health justice, active living, local green jobs, and impacts on people, as well as environmental impacts.

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On September 7, 2013, members and supporters of the San Gabriel Mountains Forever campaign, including Lynnete Guzman of The City Project, show their support for the National Recreation Area.