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LAUSD School Board Passes Resolution Funding Elementary Physical Education


The Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District passed a resolution funding physical education on September 10, 2013, with the support of The City Project, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, Anahuak Youth Sports Association, and other diverse allies.

The resolution put forth by school board members Bennett Kayser and Steve Zimmer restores state funds for their intended purpose — “to provide physical education instruction by teachers with a single subject credential in physical education in elementary schools and provide equipment and supplies.” This funding — called Physical Education Teacher Incentive Program (PETIP) — is necessary to ensure quality education including physical education for all, in compliance with education and equal protection laws. It can help restore between 17 and 31 full time teacher positions, serving between 41 and 124 schools, when leveraged with other grants and individual elementary school allocations.

Physical education provides students the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills that are the foundation of a healthy, physically active lifestyle. In addition, research documents that physical education can help reduce obesity and health disparities; promote the sound development of the child; prepare students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be physically active throughout their lives; contribute to better academic performance; and improve retention and graduation rates.

Passing the resolution moves our schools in the right direction. It supports our teachers and students to help ensure quality physical education for all.

Click here for the school board agenda that includes the full text of the resolution in item 21.

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