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PODER Magazine Honors The City Project’s Robert García Top 100 Latino Green Leaders


PODER Magazine names Top 100 Green Latino leaders, including The City Project’s Founding Director and Counsel Robert García.

Like plants peeping up here and there in spring, the green economy is growing and blooming nationwide. Across sectors and professions, Latinos are leading the way.

Two of the hottest issues in the United States today are the significant growth in the Hispanic population and the increased emphasis on green issues. Less publicized is what is happening at their confluence: more Latinos are playing important roles in environmental issues than ever. PODER’s Top 100 Green Latinos [lists] the pioneers of this new frontier.

In California, . . . two-thirds of Latino voters considered themselves “conservationists,” while 90 percent believe we could “protect the environment and create jobs at the same time.”

Our list features Latinos from all walks of life trying to do just that . . . .

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The City Project is a mulicultural civil rights and environmental justice team whose mission is equal justice, democracy, and livability for all. We focus on equal access to parks and recreation, quality education including physical education, health justice in all policies, economic vitality and local green jobs, and smart, sustainable communities for all.

Raul Macias Field L.A. River Center

The City Project’s Robert García, Board Member Robbie LaBelle, and Raul Macias with students from ally and client Anahuak Youth Sports Association at the Los Angeles River Center. We use sports as an organizing tool to build better citizens and healthy green communities for all.