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Mayor Garcetti, Anahuak, and The City Project Work Together for Healthy Parks and Schools, and Health and Environmental Justice


Garcetti AYSA TCP 20131106

Mayor Eric Garcetti, Anahuak Youth Sports Association, and The City Project discuss the progress in his first 100 days on parks and recreation, schools, health and environmental justice. The meeting took place on November 6, 2013.

The Mayor supports the San Gabriel national recreation area. President Barack Obama and the Mayor last week talked about greening the L.A. River. Raul Macias and Jesse Rosas of Anahuak emphasized improved fields and reduced fees. The Mayor, Anahuak, and The City Project use youth sports as an organizing tool to build good citizens, and healthy, safe, and green communities.

Mayor Garcetti celebrated his birthday with Anahuak, The City Project, and Northeast Parents Association in February 2013. We look forward to making that an annual event!

The Mayor is living up to his pledge for:

  1. Green jobs for local workers, small and disadvantaged enterprises, and youth.
  2. Physical education and healthy food in public schools.
  3. An equity plan for City parks.
  4. Reforming Quimby park development fees.
  5. Environmental and health justice along the LA River.
  6. Creating the San Gabriel National Recreation Area.
  7. Expanding the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
  8. Compliance with equal justice laws and principles, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and California Government Code Section 11135.
  9. Transportation justice, transit, bike routes, safe routes to schools, and complete green streets.
  10. Joint use of parks, schools, and pools.
  11. Immigration reform.
  12. Transparency in government with public records online.

Click for Mayor Garcetti’s pledge to work with diverse allies including: Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council, EJTF * Asian and Pacific Islander Obesity Prevention Alliance * California League of United Latin American Citizens * The City Project * Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles * Latino Coalition for a Healthy California * PolicyLink * Search To Involve Pilipino Americans * Marc Brenman, Social Justice Consultancy.