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The Year in Pictures 2009

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Ascot Hills Where’s the Park?

Ascot Hills Park 2009 by The City Project.

Griffith Park on the East Bank of the Los Angeles River

Alternative 1 One Big Park Griffith Park on the East Bank of the Los Angeles River by The City Project.

Preserve History and Green Space at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument and Father Serra Park

"Celebrate Preservation": Double Crossed Native at El Pueblo Father Serra Park by The City Project.

Keep Baldwin Hills Clean and Safe for Generations to Come

Diversify Access to and Support for National Parks and San Gabriels

160 Manzanar by The City Project.

“J-O-B-S” “Obama put his agenda at risk by doing too little”

Keep State Parks Open for All!

Sinkyone Roosevelt Elk Lost Coast Wilderness August 2005


“public service isn’t a hobby or even an occupation, but a way of life” Cardinal Roger Mahony

Transit to Trails

California Coastal Commission Unanimously Approves Public Access and Camping in Malibu


KCET LA River Web Story


Economic Stimulus, Green Space and Equal Justice

Top 20 Los Angeles Pictures that Made it to the End California Tour

California Tour 2009 Pasadena Rose Bowl by you.

La Gente Shoots the World Photo Contest Winners

Invest in Park Poor and Income Poor Communities

Map 2001

Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park Photo Book

Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park

The City Project 2008
By Robert Garcia and …
Make a photo book with Blurb

Social Science, Equal Justice, and Public Health Policy: Lessons from Los Angeles, in the Journal of Public Health Policy (2009) 30, S26–S32

Emotiva Inagural de la Cancha de mini-soccer Raúl Macías en el LA River Center

Monuments, Diversity and Democracy


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