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Lisa García, U.S. EPA Environmental Justice Head, on The City Project “Real Community Lawyering and an Inspiration”

We were going around the country with some of the cabinet members doing listening sessions on America’s Great Outdoors. And how we have to connect certain communities to parks, how we have to improve our open space in, certainly in cities, and connect kids in rural areas to large national parks.

So someone told me that I had to meet a great city parks advocate, Robert García, who was working on national parks issues. And we worked together on this national park issue in California. And I have to say it was really the work of The City Project that got it all solved, it wasn’t the federal government.

The City Project gets that communities need access to all those different amenities, that they need to work together to build up healthy sustainable communities. The City Project gets that they need access to jobs, to housing, to health, to parks, to clean drinking water, access to food, access to safe streets. And so I would say that The City Project really has become this jack of all trades, when we talk about equitable development. The City Project really embodies that and understands that we have to work, when we come to look at a community, holistically. We have to bring all these many tools and all the people together to be able to do it.

So The City Project is truly an inspiration on a community lawyer level.

Lisa García
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Associate Assistant Administrator for Environmental Justice 2010-14
Introducing Robert García as the Keynote Speaker at the US EPA New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Workshop in Denver, CO, 2014
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Note: Lisa García refers in the second paragraph above to the work of The City Project and diverse allies with the US Department of Interior, EPA, and Department of Justice to keep California’s state parks open for all through meetings and an administrative complaint.