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NYC People’s March Climate Justice 9/21/2014

NYC People's Climate Justice March 9/20/2014

Visit The City Project’s flickr gallery on the People’s March for Climate Justice in NYC

“From as close as the Bronx and as far as at least Rome, the demonstrators came in vast numbers. At one point early in the afternoon, the march came to a halt because the entire 2.2-mile route was full, and more than two hours into the procession, people were still setting out from the starting point near Columbus Circle.

“Organizers, using data provided by 35 crowd spotters and analyzed by a mathematician from Carnegie Mellon University, estimated that 311,000 people marched the route.The signs that marchers held were as varied as the movement: ‘There Is No Planet B,’ ‘Forests Not for Sale’ and ‘Jobs, Justice, Clean Energy.'”

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