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Physical Education MAP (Model Action Plan) and Checklist

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, working with education and civil rights advocates, provides materials to support physical education in all California public schools. The materials listed below provide a four-step process for school districts and community leaders to ensure compliance with physical education and civil rights requirements and best practices. Below step four is a shorter guide for schools, a short guide for parents in English, and el Guía para Padres en Español.

Step One: Physical Education Checklist

The Physical Education Checklist is designed for teachers, administrators, and community leaders to evaluate their school district’s physical education policies and programs. The checklist summarizes education and civil rights requirements, best practices, and other recommendations for physical education. This checklist can help schools develop an action plan to highlight strengths and address gaps in their physical education programs. The writing committee includes experts from the Los Angeles Unified School District, The City Project, L.A. County Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County Office of Education, and the California Center for Excellence in Physical Education.

Step Two: The Physical Education MAP (Model Action Plan)

The Physical Education MAP summarizes specific steps that need to be taken to achieve compliance. This includes the timeframe, action required, roles and responsibilities, implementation status, and current progress towards each action item.

Step Three: Physical Education Policy

The draft Physical Education Policy can be adapted to establish the school district’s long-term course of action.

Step Four: School Board Physical Education Resolution

The School Board can adapt the draft Physical Education Resolution to demonstrate that the district takes the right to physical education seriously, and that a compliance plan is in place.

Download the policy brief Physical Education for All California Public School Students (The City Project 2015).

Download the Infographic Growing a Healthier CA with Physical Education for All!

physical education schools

Click here for a short physical education guide for schools

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Click here to download a short Parent’s Guide in English / Siga este enláce por el Guía para Padres en Español

Additional tools and resources are available at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health website.