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Healthy Parks, Schools, and Counties: Mapping Green Access and Equity in California

Mapping Healthy Parks, Schools, and Counties

The City Project presents its Policy Report Healthy Parks, Schools, and Counties: Mapping Green Access and Equity for California.

California voters in November 2006 approved $40.2 billion in park and clean water, flood control, housing, education, and transportation infrastructure bonds. Natural public places, including parks, school fields, rivers, beaches, forests, mountains, and trails, are a necessary part of any infrastructure for healthy, livable, just communities.

This Policy Report provides information to help guide the investment of public resources to maximize public access to, and support for, natural public places while ensuring the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, and incomes. Map 1 shows the counties with the combined highest levels of child obesity, the fewest acres of parks per thousand residents, the highest levels of poverty — and the most children and people of color. Targeting green space investments in underserved communities can generate state-wide benefits and promote urban-rural alliances by diversifying access to and support for green space throughout the state. The Report calls for a state-wide vision and strategic plan for the investment of resource bonds to alleviate real and perceived inequities in access to green space and recreation. The plan should begin with a needs assessment, and provide standards for green access and equity to measure progress and to hold public officials accountable.

The Report is available for download in both abridged (pdf, 1.8Mb) and unabridged (pdf, 3.9Mb) versions. Both are the same, except that the unabridged contains an appendix with additional maps and tables.To order hard copies of the Report, please contact Meagan Yellott at The City Project (

Urban Park Funds Support Prop 84 De Leon

The Alianza de Los Pueblos del Rio recently submitted a letter of support for AB 31 regarding Prop 94 funds to Assembly Assistant Majority Leader Kevin De Leon. The Alianza strongly encourages you to send a letter — please feel free to use the Alianza letter as a model.

Baldwin Hills Moratorium on New Oil Wells

Supervisor Yvonne Burke has led the passage of a one year County moratorium on new oil wells in the Baldwin Hills, and the developer has withdrawn its application for 24 new oil wells. We congratulate Supervisor Burke for her leadership, and the Board and developer for implementing the will of the people. The area environmental impact report and community standards district will provide the opportunity to engage and empower the community to understand the impact of oil wells, odors, noise, and vibrations on human health, the Baldwin Hills Park, and the quality of life in the region.