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Verde Paper: Latino Perspectives on Conservation Leadership, The City Project

The City Project was featured in The Verde Paper: Latino Perspectives on Conservation Leadership by Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš, Director and Founder of Azul. The Verde Paper highlights success stories, practitioner interviews, and key takeaways to build a more inclusive environmental movement.

The City Project’s Robert García discusses the “Gold Rush for Latino environmental real estate” in Los Angeles, and how traditional environmental funders can perpetuate a lack of Latino participation in conservation: “We see a built-in bias in money going to mainstream organizations versus going to a community of color led organization: foundations point out that traditional organizations have contacts in Washington and Sacramento, that they have media departments and development specialists, so according to this they will be able to put the money to better use. If we had the same level of funding, we could hire more people to do that same thing! It is a circular problem, a form of displacement and gentrification.”

As the demographics in California and across the U.S. continue to shift, it is imperative that the mainstream environmental movement support Latino leaders and perspectives, and refine its approach to authentic engagement with diverse communities.

Read the full Verde Paper here.