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The City Project Word Cloud and Text Links Justice, Public, Park, Health, Access, Education

The City Project’s work and values are illuminated by the following Word Cloud and Text Links!

The number one result from Googling the search term “environmental justice parks” is The City Project’s work with NRPA.

The Word Cloud analyzes every word on our web site, and the Text Link the connections between words. Our words reflect our values, and our actions speak even louder!

Sartre wrote “Every word has consequences. Every silence does too.” (“L’écrivain est en situation dans son époque: chaque parole a des retentissements. Chaque silence aussi.” Jean-Paul Sartre, Situations II (1948).) And The Words (Les Mots) is the title of his autobiography.

Our web site has 1,278,570 total words and 34,721 unique word forms. The top 20 most frequent words in the corpus include: justice (15031); city (11356); public (8195); green (7938); park (7922), health (5516), access (4852), environmental (3622), education (3577).

Word Cloud

The strongest links are shown in the Text Link (“co-locations”). Word Clouds and Text Links are “digital humanities tools.”

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Thank you to Stéfan Sinclair and Geoffrey Rockwell, Voyant Tools, accessed May 30, 2016,

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