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Park Funding for All – Yes on Measure A! L.A. County Ballot Measure Nov. 8. Vote!

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The L.A. County park funding measure, Measure A, would prioritize parks and recreation in the communities with the greatest needs. Communities of color and low income communities disproportionately have the greatest needs for more parks, more park facilities, and improved park conditions. This is demonstrated by demographic analyses and mapping by The City Project with GreenInfo Network, coupled with the county park needs assessment. Measure A is the Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Protection Measure of 2016.

If voters pass Measure A, we need to ensure the funding is actually invested in the areas with the greatest needs. Planning by and for the community, standards including the needs assessment, and data are needed to measure equity and progress, allow for midcourse corrections, and hold officials accountable. This will help ensure compliance with civil rights and environmental justice laws, and equal access to parks and recreation for all.

As demographics change, parks need to change to meet the needs of the people. California’s Latino population, for example, is projected to grow from 38% in 2010 to 45 percent in 2040. “Millennials,” born between 1980 and 2000, constituted 29% of California’s population in 2010 and represent the largest generation in history. An even higher percentage of millennials, 46%, were Latinos in 2010, while 51% of 12 year olds were Latino.

People of color and low income people are consistently the biggest supporters of park and resource bonds in California. And they vote.

The City Project supports Yes on Measure A!

Click here for The City Project’s complete policy report with demographic analyses and maps.

Click here for Measure A and the county park needs assessment.

Helicopter L.A. 2003 Augustus Hawkins Park

Augustus Hawkins Park South Central L.A. 2003