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The Year in Pictures 2016

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Guidance to Incorporate Environmental Justice and Civil Rights in State Clean Power Plans Climate Justice

California Coastal Access and Climate Justice for All NRPA Parks & Recreation Magazine

Smithsonian Anacostia Whose dreams will come true and who will be left behind by L.A. River greening?

The City Project Word Cloud and Text Links

Latinos and Climate Change: Opinions, Impacts, and Responses Sam García GreenLatinos The City Project

Service on GreenLatinos, NRPA, and NEEF Boards, and Next 100 Coalition Steering Committee

NRPA GreenLatinos 201607

Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice Community Spotlight Series The City Project

RG at EJ IWG Community Spotlight Series

Pricing Justice: Carbon Pricing and Environmental Justice Prof. Gerald Torres & Robert García

National Park Service Diversifying Access, Support, and Workforce

Equity & Accountability Standards Park Funding for All! NRPA Parks & Recreation Magazine

NEEF National Public Lands Day First Bilingual Multicultural Event L.A. River

Coastal Justice Law Amends CA Coastal Act, Requires Environmental Justice Commissioner

California Equal Justice Amendments Strengthen Civil Rights Protections 11135

National Park Service Centennial Celebration Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Plan with Access for All – Young and Old, Black, White, Latino, Asian, Native American!

US EPA EJ 2020 Action Agenda: Major Steps Forward, and Opportunities for More NRPA

President Obama Stand with Standing Rock GreenLatinos The City Project Yu-va’-tal ‘A’lla-mal #nodapl

US Court Condemns “Despicable” Nonconsensual Medical Experiments against Guatemalan People in Violation of International Human Rights Law

Park Funding and Equal Access L.A. County Measure A NRPA


Coastal Justice and the California Coastal Act: An Equity Mapping and Analysis Free the Beach!


National Academies Report Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity – and  Civil Rights Compliance

nam 2016 00088

President Barack Obama Presidential Memorandum Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Our National Parks, Forests, and other Public Lands and Waters

“That’s what makes this particular designation so important. We heard from the community, that for a lot of urban families, this is their only big outdoor space. Too many children in L.A.County, especially children of color, don’t have access to parks where they can run free, breathe fresh air, experience nature, and learn about their environment.” President Barack Obama, designating the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. "This is an issue of social justice. Because it’s not enough to have this awesome natural wonder within your sight -– you have to be able to access it." This is a historic moment, when the President of the United States recognizes park access as an environmental justice issue. “The President not only displayed compassion and understanding of environmental justice but, was fundamentally motivated by the issues when he declared the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. Robert Garcia and The City Project, thanks for your work to make the case for environmental justice and the San Gabriel National Monument a reality.” Daniel Rossman, chair, San Gabriel Mountains Forever coalition. "The City Project's work on park access is one of the two leading areas in environmental justice." Leslie Fields, Sierra Club, Director, Environmental Justice and Community Partnership Program.