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Bears Ears Nat’l Monument Solidarity & Resistance w/ Tribal Commission Respect All Cultures #Next100Coalition

The Next 100 Coalition, a diverse coalition of civil rights, environmental justice, conservation, religious and community organizations, urges this administration to uphold the Bears Ears National Monument. It is the only U.S. national monument with a primary focus on the spiritual, historical, and natural heritage of Indigenous peoples.

Next 100 celebrates the Bears Ears National Monument’s significance “not only to tribes, but to all nations and people. The Next 100 Coalition recognizes Indigenous peoples’ leadership as effective, central and necessary to the proper stewardship of U.S. land and waters. The establishment of Bears Ears National Monument and the Bears Ears Commission is an important step forward in implementing a new public lands vision and leadership model that prioritizes respect to our nation’s first Indigenous peoples.”

Click here to read the full letter.

The Next 100 Coalition advocates for greater inclusion of diverse communities in our country’s national parks and other public lands and waters. Robert García serves on the Steering Committee for the Next 100 Coalition.

#Next100Coalition #StandWithBearsEars #Monuments4All #KeepItPublic #HonorTheTribes

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