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La Viña Trails Open Historic Millard Canyon Altadena Crest Trails Community Victory

Paul Ayers reports:

I am very happy to announce that the long legal slog to open the long-promised La Viña Trails is almost over.  The trail easement agreement below covering La Viña East and West Trails was recorded Wednesday, 8/23/2017.  This agreement is important not only because it sets the basic routes for the trails but because it also defines the boundaries of the land that will be transferred to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy pursuant to a 2012 settlement.

In 2008 the County won a judgment establishing 20 foot trail easements on either side of La Viña The document recorded on Wednesday sets the routes for these easements. The West Trail generally follows the eastern edge of the area labeled “West SMMC Parcels,” and the East Trail follows the western edge of the area labeled “East SMMC Parcels.”  In 2012 pursuant to a settlement in the Kruells law suit, La Viña Homeowners Association agreed to give SMMC title to (1) the entirety of a 40 acre parcel to the north of the development [the North SMMC Parcel], (2) all of the HOA lands to the west of the east edge of the West Trail easement [West SMMC Parcels] and (3) all of the HOA lands to the east of the west edge of the East Trail easement [East SMMC Parcels].  These transfers should be ordered by a judge at an October hearing.

Finishing the lay out and construction of the trails should begin in the spring.  I will probably start leading introductory hikes on the routes in November.”

“Our single goal is to keep historic Millard Canyon and the Altadena Crest Trail open for all the people of the Los Angeles region to enjoy. That is public space. This gated enclave has no business cutting off access to a public trail,” said The City Project’s Robert García in 2005. “It’s a question of human rights. It’s a question of the public trust. Bottom line, we want the trails open for all.”

Read about community victories in court to keep La Viña trails open in 2008 and 2009 and 2005.