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Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum Urban Waterways and Education The City Project

The City Project reinforces a primary theme of the Smtihsonian’s Urban Waterways project. The impacts of waterways extend far beyond their banks, through educational efforts to ensure residents are aware of their relationships to waterways, parks, schools, and museums, and how these natural and cultural resources are intimately tied to the people’s concerns surrounding health, conservation, and justice.

Waterways and parklands are being restored, and their multitude of “values” become apparent as residents and others seek to solidify their connections and rights to these resources. How do we utilize them? What 
roles can the natural play in our lives? This issue explores education along parklands and waterways. Equitable access to reclaimed natural resources is
 one of the foundational pieces to healthy, sustainable communities. To what kind of educational experience are people entitled who live along our urban waterways and parklands?

Read the full article Urban Waterways and Education by Nancy Negrete and Robert García in the issue on Urban Waterways and Education in the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum Urban Waterways Newsletter.