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Low Riders at the Beach? Yes! Ballona Postcards Student Mural

The student mural Postcards from Ballona “reflects historic and current events in the life of the creek and Culver City.” A close reading reveals remarkably diverse people, values, and insights presented by Culver Middle School students working with the county library.

One panel, for example, depicts a “scene within a scene.” A student spray paints the words “OG VATO” on the wall behind an Original Gangster dude, and there’s a low rider pick up at the beach. Low riders at the beach? Yes. Low riders hold summer rallies near the mouth of Ballona Creek. The rallies bring Latinos and others together to have fun, hang, barbecue, eat and drink, primp their rides, flirt, listen to Latin music, and spend healthy time outdoors. Latin R&B, boleros, and corridos fill the air from weekend shows on local radio station KXLU, Alma del Barrio and Serenata de Tríos. Art LaBoe has sent out dedications for decades (“Smooch! This song goes out from Letty de Lynwood to Freddy in Fresno, ‘I love you, baby!'”).

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