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Social Determinants of Health Equity Residents’ Orientation Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science #promotehealthequity

Adrian Dove, PhD, and Sylvia Drew Ivie, JD, address the social determinants of health equity for incoming Residents in Family Medicine and Psychiatry at CDU. Dr. Ivie is Special Assistant to the CDU President for Community Relations. Dr. Dove is President & CEO of the Kingdom Day Parade.

Dr. Lisa Barkley MD, FAAFP, FSAHM, FACSM, is organizing orientation sessions. Dr. Barkley is Program Director, Family Medicine Residency, and Vice-Chair, Department of Family Medicine at CDU.

Dr. Barkley recently published the article on Achieving Equity in Physical Activity Participation: ACSM Experience and Next Steps, published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. ACSM has developed a national roadmap for achieving health equity through a physically active lifestyle. The actionable, integrated pathways include:

  • communication—raising awareness of health inequities, and conveying the power of physical activity in promoting health equity;
  • education—developing educational resources to improve cultural competency for health care providers and fitness professionals, as well as community-based programs for lay health workers;
  • collaboration—building partnerships and programs that integrate existing infrastructures and leverage institutional knowledge, reach, and voices of public, private, and community organizations; and
  • evaluation—ensuring measurable progress in reducing physical activity disparities to promote health equity.

Robert García, Assistant Professor, CDU, Community Faculty, and The City Project’s Director-Counsel, presented the policy and legal framework for health equity, environmental justice, and civil rights compliance. The framework is drawn from the committee report Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity, one of the five most downloaded reports of over 320 published by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine in 2017. Visit for the report, recommendations, and comic book.

CDU is a Historically Black Graduate Institution, and a charter member of the Hispanic-Serving Health Professions Schools. One-third of all minority physicians in L.A. County are graduates of CDU medical school or residency programs.