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Sam Garcia Graduate Intern The City Project; GreenLatinos

Mark Magaña, Executive Director and Founder of GreenLatinos, writes: Sam Garcia has been awarded the Schneider Fellowship from the Haas Center for Public Service. Sam will work on climate justice this fall in Chicago, after serving as a Graduate Intern at The City Project. Sam published the policy report for GreenLatinos and The City Project on Latinos and Climate Change: Opinions, Impacts, and Responses (2016).

Sam graduated from Stanford in 2018 with Honors with a B.A. in International Relations, and a focus on Economics and Latin American Studies.

His senior honors thesis, called Diplomatic Breakthrough: Politics, Reform, and Trust in the Restoration of US-Cuba Relations, received a Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research.

From the Firestone presentation: “Samuel Garcia’s honors thesis tackles the puzzle of why U.S.-Cuba relations were restored in 2014. In this beautifully written and theoretically-informed thesis, Sam argues that the conventional wisdom that restoration was driven either by changes in U.S. domestic preferences or precipitated by Cuban reforms neglects the important role of trust -building through “costly signals” and facilitated by the Pope’s diplomatic interventions. In his work, Sam utilizes a combination of public opinion data, primary source materials, and interviews. During his time at Stanford, Sam has written several comic books on political issues and has been a two-time winner of the SGS student photo contest.”

In his Acknowledgements, Sam thanked his advisor Prof. Beatriz Megaloni, Prof. Larry Diamond, and others. “My father inspired my interest in Latin American Studies and US-Cuba relations. We traveled to Cuba together during President Obama’s historic visit to the island in 2016. This thesis is dedicated to him.”

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, professor of political economy at Stanford, and former US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, presenting their diplomas to Sam and other International Relations graduates

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Robert García is Sam’s proud father