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The Next Supreme Court Justice Could Take Away Your Civil and Human Rights – Ask Your Senators to Fill in the Blanks

As day two of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing begins, one thing is clear: Much of his record as a political operative remains a mystery.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley insists on pushing ahead with the hearing while refusing to even ask for millions of pages of Kavanaugh’s record as a White House political operative — meaning neither the Senate nor the public will be able to see them.

There are too many holes in Kavanaugh’s record. Too many unanswered questions. What are they trying to hide?

Senators must fill in the blanks. If they cannot, senators must oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation. This kind of secretive, partisan, and incomplete review process is unprecedented. And it’s a sham.

That’s why we’re asking for your help right now. Will you watch this video and share to demand transparency and accountability from the Senate?

Based on what we already know about Kavanaugh, it’s clear our civil and human rights are at stake. But who knows what else is in his records. The American people deserve to know. And their senators do, too. #WhatAreTheyHiding? We’ll never know — unless they fill in the blanks.

The next Supreme Court justice will serve a lifetime appointment and make a lasting impact on our civil and human rights — from health care and reproductive freedom to voting and disability rights.

There’s too much at stake to continue with a sham hearing.

Watch our video and tell your senators to fill in the blanks. Otherwise, they must oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation to our nation’s highest court.

— The Leadership Conference