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The City Project welcomes UCLA Intern Alex Ruppert!

Alex Ruppert recently joined the City Project as an intern. Alex is a senior at UCLA, where he majors in history, with minors in Anthropology and Civic Engagement. Alex focuses on the imperial age in world history, and how the industrial revolution and colonialism affected different peoples across the globe. He also studied at the University of Ghana and conducted research with the Department of Archaeology to excavate and analyze European artifacts buried beneath the Osu Castle, which was once the seat of the British Colonial Government.

Alex is involved in many campus organizations. Once a week with Cub Tours he gives campus tours and advocates the importance of college to groups of elementary and middle school children. He also works as a writing tutor for the Undergraduate Writing Center, where he collaborates with student clients to improve their writing skills. Biking and soccer are integral to Alex’s life. He has played soccer since kindergarten, played on the UCLA Club Soccer Team for two years, and played at the University of Ghana. In the summer, he works in his hometown of San Francisco as a biking coach for Wheel Kids summer camp, where he teaches city riding skills to children of all ages. His love of biking, soccer, and the outdoors motivated Alex to become a member of The City Project team. He believes these activities and places should be equally accessible to all children, regardless of their socio-economic status. He is working with The City Project to address these issues.