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Legislation and Regulations Framework for Civil Rights, Environmental Justice & Health Equity PRRAC Handbook

Advocates cannot be afraid to standup for the rights of the people. This post is part in a series by The City Project’s UCLA Graduate Intern Alex Ruppert exploring “A Framework for Civil Rights: Environmental Justice and Health Equity,” which is included in the PRRAC book Strategies for Health Justice on pages 45-57. The framework based on combined organizing and legal strategies is written by The City Project, GreenLatinos, and The Praxis Project.

The framework is based on a number of laws, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Despite accelerating roll backs at the federal level since 2016, environmental justice issues are gaining traction around the country. Today, California is leading this movement by strengthening civil rights, environmental justice, and health equity protections through legislation and ballot measures. Law, including legislation, is an essential component of civil rights protections for the environment and people who have traditionally been marginalized, ignored, or oppressed. It is not enough to rely only on the courts, or only on the federal government. Advocates combine organizing and legal strategies to get things done.

President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights leaders, and Congressional leaders.

The framework chapter is on pages 45-57. PRRAC is the Poverty & Race Research Action Council

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