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PRRAC Handbook: Diversity, Equal Justice, Voting, and Executive Action

In California, voters taxed themselves $4.1 billion to pass Prop. 68, a park and water ballot measure that calls upon agencies to implement justice, equality, diversity and inclusiveness (JEDI) to prioritize funding decisions for parks and recreation.

Prop 68 is based on the Presidential Memorandum Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Our National Parks, National Forests, and Other Public Lands and Waters to address these values in visitation rates and the work force by federal agencies and recipients of federal financial assistance, including states, local government, non-profits, and other private organizations.

This post is part in a series by The City Project’s UCLA Intern Alex Ruppert exploring “A Framework for Civil Rights: Environmental Justice and Health Equity,” which is included in the PRRAC book Strategies for Health Justice at pages 45-57. The framework based on combined organizing and legal strategies is written by The City Project, GreenLatinos, and The Praxis Project.

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