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Mueller Testimony Live Guide

The most important act of public engagement for each person in the nation on Wednesday, July 24, is to watch live the Robert Mueller testimony beginning at 8:30 am ET on all major news outlets. Most people in the US do not have the kind of job where they are free to engage in democratic governance and drop work. Everyone is free to read the Mueller report itself in English. It is over 400 pages of dense legal writing impenetrable even to experienced attorneys. Here are the best short guides to the Mueller report using the words of the report itself we have found.

The City Project

The Mueller report on obstruction of justice summarized in five pages in its own words. A former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York in the Public Integrity Unit, I prepared the summary.

The Washington Post by Aaron Blake

The 5 crimes Mueller suggests Trump could be charged with.

Lawfare blog by Quinta Jurecic

This blog breaks down five obstruction of justice crimes with page cites to strongest evidence in the report.

HoegLaw by Richard Hoeg

Video by former federal prosecutors including John Martin and Robert de Niro

Statement by nearly a thousand former federal prosecutors statement, including me.

Robert García

Download The Washington Post, Lawfare, and HoegLaw content PDF