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San Bernardino County Green Access and Equity

The City Project presents the policy report, Healthy Parks, Schools and Communities: Green Access and Equity for San Bernardino County, to promote equal access to parks and recreation for all. Haga click aquí para ver este mensaje en Español.

According to David Fukuzawa, Health Program Director, The Kresge Foundation:

For many of us, living healthy means eating the right foods and getting enough exercise. Just watching our diets and keeping up our physical activity can be a struggle.

As The City Project’s policy reports on Californians’ access to recreational areas and parks make clear, low-income people of color frequently reside in communities where the physical and built environments discourage and limit opportunities for active lifestyles.

The City Project’s dedication to addressing such disparities and increasing access to natural places for urban communities reflects The Kresge Foundation’s commitment to promoting healthy environments for vulnerable populations.

Although the report focuses on residents of San Bernardino County, its central policy recommendations could apply in communities throughout the country.

We hope this report invites many others to engage in a discussion not just about parks but about the underlying issues of justice and fairness.

According to Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and CEO of PolicyLink:

PolicyLink has long recognized that place and race matter. As neighborhoods remain segregated along racial lines, neighborhood environmental factors — from economic opportunities to the physical environment to supportive services to social connections among neighbors — profoundly influence the health of residents.

The City Project is striving to expand green access and equity for all. It is identifying affected communities and using mapping and analyses to indicate where large numbers of people of color and low-income people live, and then noting the absence of parks in those areas contrasted with disproportionately white and wealthy areas. The City Project uses these data as a core advocacy tool to support the equitable distribution of parks and recreation facilities around the state.

PolicyLink is proud to have partnered with The City Project on green access and equity in San Bernardino County and beyond.


Seth Strongin, Policy and Research Director for The City Project and a lead author of the Report, concludes: “Prioritizing existing public resources for creating and improving access to green space in low-income communities and communities of color offers an exceptional opportunity to improve public health, environmental quality, economic vitality, and quality of life for all.”

Click here to see the report and maps on Healthy Parks, Schools and Communities: Green Access and Equity for San Bernardino County in English.

Haga click aquí para ver el reporte y mapas de Parques, Escuelas y Comunidades Saludables: Acceso Verde y Equidad en el Condado de San Bernardino en Español.

Click here to view other reports and maps in The City Project’s continuing series on Green Access and Equity for nine counties in Southern California.