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Historic Millard Canyon Victory

Paul Ayers writes:

Hello Save the Altadena Trails (STAT) Supporters –

We hope you have all had an eventful summer, and spent some time on our local trails.
Here is an update on STAT issues and events:
On April 22, 2008, the Honorable Joseph F. De Vanon ruled in favor of the County in the case of County of Los Angeles v. La Vina Homeowners Association (HOA). Judge De Vanon rejected each and every one of the HOA’s defenses to the County’s position that the trails were promised to the people in the development process and concluded that the promises must be fulfilled.
The Court has ordered the HOA to dedicate trail easements in the locations indicated in the development documents; the County will be responsible for construction and maintenance of the trails. The County was also awarded $46,338.42 to cover litigation costs and is additionally asking for $789,833.84 in attorneys’ fees. The fee motion will be heard on September 18th.
As expected, HOA has filed a notice of appeal. Whether or not the appeal is actually pursued by the HOA remains to be seen; appeals are usually not successful and the HOA risks an additional huge fee and costs award.
This is a tremendous victory for the public. Our thanks are due to the County and specially County Counsel Scott Kuhn who tried the case for the County and Marie Campbell of Sapphos Environmental whose work and testimony were key in the victory.
STAT’s case against La Vina has been postponed to see what happens with the County’s case and is currently scheduled to commence before Judge De Vanon on February 17, 2009. We will keep you updated when we have more information.
. . .
STAT had some great successes in 2008. Your donations help continue the work of STAT to preserve public trail access. Please send checks to:
P.O. BOX 1113
LA CANADA, CA 91012-5113
Please note that donations are not tax deductible.
Thank you for your support.
Attachment: Aerial photograph of west Altadena and Arroyo Seco, looking north, 4-15-1930. The entire lower left-hand quarter of the view is now taken up with JPL. The Meadows is located on the mesa devoted to agriculture in the upper right-hand quarter. The area now occupied by the La Vina development is at the center right edge of the view.