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Category: Public Art, Culture, and History

Congressman Jimmy Gomez Roundtable: The Future of the L.A. River: How to Ensure Equity and Access

The City Project Congressman Gomez 20180810 Congressman Jimmy Gomez and river advocates, L.A. River Center Congressman Jimmy Gomez held a roundtable on how to ensure equity and access regarding the benefits of revitalization along the L.A.River on August 10, 2018. Congressman […]

National Allies Comments on Environmental Justice and Civil Rights US Civil Rights Commission EPA L.A. River

Diverse allies across the nation submitted public comments to the US Civil Rights Commission following up on its report called Environmental Justice: Examining the Environmental Protection Agency’s Compliance and Enforcement of Title VI and Executive Order 12898 (2016) (“EJ Report”). The […]

California’s Prop 68: A primer for infusing diversity and equity into public policy NRPA Parks & Recreation

Park access is “a human rights and civil rights issue” Senator Kevin de León. Prop 68 offers lessons for activists and candidates nationwide. By Robert García Social Equity August 2018 California voters taxed themselves more than $4.1 billion to improve […]

Oppose Citizenship Question on 2020 Census #SaveTheCensus

The City Project opposes the inclusion of a citizenship question in the 2020 Census survey. Including such a question would be discriminatory, discourage participation in the Census, and threaten the accuracy of Census data. Census data are used to inform government decisions […]

Foro del Congreso EE.UU. Salud Público y el Médio Ambiénte #PeopleOverPolluters El Pueblo sobre la Contaminación

Este presidente, esta administración, y sus seguidores continúan con un ataque sin precedentes contra personas, lugares, biodiversidad, cultura y valores compartidos. Su ataque está corrompiendo la democracía, el imperio de la ley, la confianza internacional y imperativos de la ciencia […]

Public Health, Public Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air & Clean Government! Congressional Forum The City Project #PeopleOverPolluters

Español / English. This president, this administration, and their supporters continue an unprecedented assault on people, places, biodiversity, culture, and this shared values. Their assault is corrupting democratic governance, the rule of law, international trust, and imperatives of science and […]

People Over Pollution: Public Health & the Environment Forum Leader @NancyPelosi July 11 2 pm DC The City Project

In response to the relentless assault that this Administration and the Republican Congress has conducted on public health and the environment, the Environmental Message Team (EMT) will host a forum entitled People over Polluters to make the case for strong […]

14th Amendment Equal Protection US Constitution 150th Anniversary Celebrate Civil Rights Revolution

No, the Civil Rights Revolution is not over.  We’re just getting started. The Civil Rights Revolution has breathed life into the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution through the Equal Protection Clause and Due Process Clause, in and out of […]

Residents’ Orientation CDU Education, Environmental Justice, Criminal Justice #promotehealthequity

Juanita Booker-Vaughn Education Theodor Bookere Criminal Justice Robert García Environmental Justice and Health Equity Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science Family Medicine & Psychiatry Residents […]

Social Determinants of Health Equity Residents’ Orientation Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science #promotehealthequity

Adrian Dove, PhD, and Sylvia Drew Ivie, JD, address the social determinants of health equity for incoming Residents in Family Medicine and Psychiatry at CDU. Dr. Ivie is Special Assistant to the CDU President for Community Relations. Dr. Dove is […]