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Special Counsel Mueller has no confidence this president did not criminally obstruct justice. Vote. Five page summary in excerpts.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is summarized in five pages in the file attached below. The excerpts summarize first principles. The 400 page report and appendices, which provides details, is a best practice for writing clear simple prose explaining complex […]

Join Us for the First Ever Park Rx LA Day April 28, 2019 English/Español

Park Rx Day Flyer Englsih/Espanol   […]

Mendez v Westminster School District of Orange Co. Latino Civil Rights Pioneers April 14, 1947

Sylvia Méndez and her Mexican-born father and Puerto Rican-born mother helped lead the fight for equal protection, human dignity, and freedom, and against discrimination in public schools in California and beyond. On April 14, 1947, the US Court of Appeals […]

The Mueller Report and the Watergate “Road Map”- We Cannot Fault Mueller without Reading the Report

Mueller did what he was charged to do. Mueller did not fail when he delivered his report. The Barr letter is another story altogether. Without reading the 400 page Mueller report, we cannot fault Mueller. Mueller most certainly did not […]

María del Carmen Tun Cho, mujer Guatemalteca Maya, completó el maratón de Los Ángeles por los derechos de las mujeres

María del Carmen Tun Cho, mujer Guatemalteca Maya, completó el maratón de Los Ángeles en su ropa indígena. “Lo hice por representar a las mujeres mayas de Guatemala,” comentó Doña María. “Basta ya de violencia, discriminación y violación de los derechos […]

Luisa Moreno, Guatemalan Immigrant, Labor Activist, Feminist Pioneer, Poet, before UFW, Deported by US #StanfordLatinoSummit

Luisa Moreno, born Blanca Rosa López Rodríguez in Guatemala City in 1907, moved to the US in 1928. A journalist and poet, she became a leader and organizer for immigrants, laborers, work place reform, and women’s rights. She laid the […]

Rare Super Full Moon on First Day of Spring over UCLA Royce Hall

Click on image to enlarge.  […]

Rare Super Full Moon on First Day of Spring over UCLA

Click on the image to enlarge. […]

LIfeguards Green Santa Monica Bay Celebrating Immigrants who Fought Bigotry Batalón de San Patricio #NoBorderWall English / Español

English / Español Lifeguards celebrate San Patricio off Santa Mónica Pier, one of the most diverse beaches in California. Salvavidas celebran San Patricio en el muelle de Santa Mónica, una de las playas más diversas en California. While the St. […]

Abolish the Death Penalty as Fundamentally Wrong Morally, Legally, Inefficient and Unnecessary Gov. Newsom NY Times Editorial

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California announced Wednesday that no executions will occur on his watch, granting temporary reprieves to all 737 inmates on the state’s death row. . . . “I do not believe that a civilized society can claim to be […]