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Category: The City Project

Serving L.A. @Debs Park

    The City Project’s Tim Mok volunteered with the Student Conservation Association at the Audobon Center at Debs Park, building birdhouses for chickadees and bluebirds. Other projects included removing invasive plants and cutting trail brush. Debs Park is located […]

Rejecting Discrimination, Demanding Action: Direct Outrage Toward Concrete, Lasting Change

We need to address the full spectrum of discrimination from the most explicit intentional discrimination, to unjustified discriminatory impacts regardless of intent, to implicit bias. The events in Charlottesville are terrible and dramatic. Reactions to the events are a symptom […]

Making Sense of Charlottesville Through Local Leadership National League of Cities

by Leon T. Andrews, Jr. In response to the tragic events in Charlottesville, the National League of Cities is celebrating #InclusionWeek to support diversity, inclusivity, and hope in America’s cities. This weekend’s horrific events in Charlottesville, Virginia were another devastating episode […]

Revitalizing the Lower L.A. River and Beyond: Voices from Maywood – A Series, by Tim Mok

The Maywood community has spoken! Community members face barriers that prevent them from participating in planning for revitalization of the Lower L.A. River and other local opportunities. People have not been meaningfully engaged in planning efforts. I interviewed community members […]

Richard Larson Civil Rights Hero and Friend

Daily Journal August 4, 2017 MTA victory celebration civil rights attorneys Bill Lann Lee, Constance L. Rice, Robert García, Richard Larson 1997 […]

Parks, Art, L.A. River, Environmental Education, Guatemala Crimes against Humanity and Hamlet

Calder Guggenheim Museum NYC Busy week New York City D.C. Baltimore July 21-28 Hamlet Oscar Isaac Public Theater NYC Saturday MOMA Guggenheim Museum Central Park Foundation Monday Whitney Museum Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Smithsonian Anacostia Museum L.A. River documentary interview D.C. […]

NRPA Stop the Monumental Mistake #DefendOurMonuments #Next100Coalition #GreenLatinos #BearsEars

Stand in solidarity and resistance with we the people to support national monuments and the Antiquities Act. Visit for a complete list of monuments under attack and to submit comments before June 10. NRPA Parks & Recreation Magazine / […]

Soy immigrante. Anniversary of US overthrow of democratically elected Guatemala government

The US violation of international law and human rights in Guatemala led to the killing or disappearance of 200,000 Guatemalan people, the kidnapping and torture of many more, and genocide against Mayan people. Guatemala is an impoverished, oppressed, proud, and […]

Lower Los Angeles River Family Bike Ride June 24 10am

Visit The City Project’s Bike Los Angeles River Ride Flickr Album […]

“The United States are not in the condition to lecture us.” The Cuban people are not our enemies.

Cuban diplomats have responded to cut back on restoring relations with the Cuban people. Todos somos Americanos. Jose Martí Heroe de la Independencia […]