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Yearly Archives: 2014

Celebrate The Civil Rights Revolution: The Struggle Continues

Celebrate The Civil Rights Revolution: The Struggle Continues Robert García & Ariel Collins* The People’s Climate Action March, New York City, 2014 2014 marked major milestones in the Civil Rights Revolution – and we’re just getting started! Civil Rights advocates […]

If you want peace, work for justice.

I am an immigrant. We moved from Guatemala to New York when I was four. The first song I learned was “Away in a Manger” at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. I did not know English when I arrived (I barely […]

Si hubo genocidio! Guatemala Constitutional Court Orders Retrial of Dictator Rios Montt

La Opinion Guatemala Corte de Constitucionalidad restituye proceso por genocidio La Corte de Constitucionalidad (CC) despejó el camino legal al resolver que deja en firme la repetición del juicio contra Efraín Ríos Montt y Mauricio Rodríguez Sánchez, acusados de genocidio […]

Voters Favor Change in Cuba Policy 2 to 1, Latinos 70% to 21%, African Americans 80% to 6%

Old Habana 2010 From Zogby Analytics via William C. Velazquez Institute A majority (56%) favor the just-announced change in direction toward Cuba, according to a brand new poll by Zogby Analytics. About one in four (27%) disagree and 17% are […]

Listen, Yankee: Why Cuba Matters by @TomEHayden

We are proud of The City Project Board member Tom Hayden’s work on Cuba. EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: “Introduction, Two Old Guys Talking,” from the forthcoming book, Listen, Yankee! Why Cuba Matters “Tom Hayden and Ricardo Alarcon in Cuba during a set of […]

Pope Francis appealed to US, Cuba for agreement. Todos somos Americanos.

In March, Mr. Obama brought in an influential outsider. The president briefed Pope Francis, who was born in Argentina and is the first head of the Roman Catholic Church from Latin America, in a one-on-one meeting over a spare desk […]

Quiero agradecer y reconocer el apoyo del Papa Francisco al mejoramiento de las relaciones entre Cuba y Estados Unidos President Raul Castro

“I wish to thank and acknowledge the support of the Vatican, most particularly the support of Pope Francisco in the efforts for improving relations between Cuba and the United States.” “Quiero agradecer y reconocer el apoyo del Vaticano, y especialmente, […]

Latino Leaders Support President Obama's Cuba Actions, Call for Congressional Support to End Embargo Immediately EEUU y Cuba

Habana 2010 William C. Velásquez Institute For Immediate Release For More Information Contact Antonio Gonzalez, WCVI,  323-868-2049 Robert Garcia, The City Project, 213-260-1035 Latino Leaders Support President Obama’s Cuba Actions Call for Congressional Support to End Embargo Immediately (Los Angeles, […]

"Todos somos Americanos" Cuba, US to Restore Diplomatic Relations President Obama

“The Cuban people are not our enemies. We support President Obama and the US in working with Pope Francis and Cuba to restore full diplomatic relations between the two nations. The embargo of Cuba by the US has not worked, […]

Berkeley 50th Anniversary Free Speech Movement, Ferguson, Garner, Civil Rights

Mario Savio FSM BERKELEY, Calif. — This is the college town where the Free Speech Movement was born 50 years ago, spreading across the nation with sit-ins, marches, demonstrations and arrests. So at first glance, the demonstrations against police conduct […]