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Yearly Archives: 2017

Pride We are all immigrants and dreamers The City Project @ 18 Guatemala NuMu LACMA PST LA/LA #DACA

Artist Stefan Benchoam and Tomás García, LACMA Assistant Vice President, celebrate the arrival of NuMu for PST LA/LA at the reception “A Universal History of Infamy.” NuMu is the Guatemala contemporary art museum. The NuMu display honors composer Joaquín Orellana, featuring […]

Healing, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Great Outdoors at Home and Away – CNN

Ballona Creek Baldwin Hills Parklands Natural areas in the United States have long symbolized national heritage, protected valuable natural resources and provided areas of recreation and respite. But for whom? Evidence shows that white populations disproportionately access public lands for […]

9/11 US Sponsored Military Coup Overthrew Democratically Elected Government of Chile

Days before many Latin American nations celebrate Independence Day September 15. Santiago de Chile Ministerio de Justicia Remembering the disappeared, the murdered, the kidnapped and tortured New York Times . . . Justice for Guatemalan Victims of Crimes against Humanity […]

I am an immigrant. Soy inmigrante. Carne y Arena Iñárritu LACMA #DACA

I am an immigrant. I came with my family from Guatemala when I was four to the US. My dad was deported. My uncle came without papers. Julio joined the Air Force, he became a citizen, and we received green […]

Court Upholds Right of Human Experiment Victims in Guatemala to Seek Justice v Johns Hopkins U., Rockefeller Foundation, Bristol-Myers Squibb

The court agrees the experiments are illegal and unethical. No one wants to pay. U.S. District Judge Marvin J. Garbis upholds the right of the people to seek access to justice through the courts in Giron Alvarez v Johns Hopkins University […]

US lacks moral authority to criticize corruption in Guatemala when pardoning sheriff signals Trump will pardon corrupt cronies too

“Mr. Velásquez is a critical voice calling out corruption and upholding the rule of law,” the United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki R. Haley, said on Monday. “He has the full support of the United States and the […]

La Viña Trails Open Historic Millard Canyon Altadena Crest Trails Community Victory

Paul Ayers reports: I am very happy to announce that the long legal slog to open the long-promised La Viña Trails is almost over.  The trail easement agreement below covering La Viña East and West Trails was recorded Wednesday, 8/23/2017.  […]

Hands Off the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, and #MonumentsforAll

Representatives Judy Chu, Jimmy Gomez, Adam Schiff, and Brad Sherman, and El Monte Mayor Andre Quintero Members of Congress with San Gabriel Mountains Forever (SGMF) held a press conference at L.A. Historic Park August 22 to support our San Gabriel […]


Emotional and moving. Madras, Oregon […]

People Speak Out Against Administration’s Attack on Public Lands YouTube #Next100Coalition #GreenLatinos #BearsEars #MonumentsforAll

Click on the image to see the video by Next 100 and NRDC. “To attack national monuments undermines the precious natural heritage of the people and the nation.” “It’s wrong on environmental grounds, it’s wrong on social justice grounds, it’s […]